Wanted Individuals - Local

Due to budgetary cuts, the Sheriff's Office does not oversee serving criminal warrants.

Please contact the Police Department for warrant information concerning charges in The City Of Portsmouth.

Some individuals may be armed and should be considered dangerous.

Warrant Information

If you or someone you know believes there is an outstanding warrant for an individual or yourself, here are a few tips and procedures to help you resolve the situation and make the process easier for you during this event.
  • Contact the Portsmouth Police Criminal Apprehension Unit to verify the warrant(s) have not been resolved.
  • If the warrant is still outstanding, make the necessary arrangements to turn yourself in.
  • When you turn yourself in to be processed on the warrant(s), bring only the necessities with you.
  • Bring proper Identification with you.
  • Neither the Sheriff's Office nor the Police Department are the courts and can not withdraw the warrant. We only serve the warrants for the courts.

Crime Line

It works. It pays. Find out more at the Crime Lines website or 888-Lock-U-Up.